Joe Porter

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Thankfully, many of my college friends found jobs as teachers after the last legislative session. Sadly it was at the expence of the layoff of many more experienced, better paid teachers. This brain drain of the Texas education system occured when the Leg decided to cut funding and load its “rainy day” fund. It is apparent that being near last in education is not good enough for our worthless gerrymandered Legislture. I believe they would love to see the Texas Education System dead last in the nation. Sadly, we do not have far to fall. It is raining Mr. Perry, what are you prepared to do about it?

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Volunteer and 2017 Rally Sign-Up

Join thousands of fellow Texans at the Texas State Capitol in Austin on Saturday, March 25, 2017 for the Save Texas Schools Statewide Rally! From 10 am to noon, well gather in one strong voice to support public education. Great speakers, including state leaders, parents, teachers, students and more. Many legislators will be present to hear that it is time to stop underfunding and over-testing our schools and children! It is time to stop punishing schools, and time to start supporting struggling schools with community-based solutions.

Sign-up below and start spreading the word. Also, click here to sign the Save Texas Schools petition. Once you've signed up, go to for more rally information and posters you can download.