Why are we rallying?

Join us at two upcoming rallies: Sat. March 28th in Ft. Worth from 11 am to 1 pm and Sat., April 18th at the Texas State Capitol in Austin. So why rally? If you've been at any of the Save Texas Schools rallies, including the 2013 rally that brought 10,000 to the Capitol, you know it's an amazing and inspiring experience. Lots of folks have found the rallies to be the moment when they first got politically involved as an education advocate. More than that, though, is that the rallies make a statement that LOTS of people care about public schools. Some will say they don't matter, that it's all an insiders game under the dome. But I know, if we're NOT there, they'll say that nobody cares. We're not going to let them get away with that. They need to know in a big way that the kids of Texas are worth our time and our voice. If you've never been, come and be inspired. If you have been, you know that it's important. We'll have 40 or so legislators there, right behind the podium, as our audience. They'll be seeing your faces and the faces of your kids, and they'll carry that back into the Capitol as they vote on crucial issues, including funding and testing. It's not the only tool in our toolkit, but it's an important one. Be there in FW on 3/28 and be there in Austin on 4/18! Let's be loud and proud of our public schools!

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